Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence is our capability to personify a physical location by aggregating data coming from multiple sources that includes social, telco, traffic and IOT. As a result, we are able to derive insights and understanding of the moving audience in the physical location they are in. Outdoor campaigns made smarter with Location Intelligence.

Audience Insights

Understand Physical Consumer Movement.

Today, people spend 70% of waking hours outside their homes: commuting, working, travelling, shopping, and “playing”. Location has emerged as the new currency of marketing. The places a person visits is an indication of who they are.

Location intelligence enables physical brands, advertisers, and agencies to plan, execute, and measure smarter campaigns.

Our Analytics platform aggregates multiple sources of location data to personify physical locations. The insights generated address a variety of challenges including:

  • Out-of-Home Media Planning and Measurement

  • Store Analytics

  • Smart City Applications

  • Events and Activation Planning and Measurement

  • Campaign Planner

    The typical media planner has to juggle between receiving client briefs, relaying these requirements to Out-of-Home media specialists and asset owners, and reworking presentations manually based on site availability and client feedback. Digitising these processes will enable smarter and more confident media planning decisions via:

  • Audience Targeting, Flexibility, and Interactivity

  • Reach and Frequency-based planning

  • Quicker data for campaign evaluation

  • Ability to share proposals and proof of play online

  • The client-agency relationship is changing. In the past 12 months alone, the biggest spenders have called for accountability.

    Campaign Planner provides a single, online view of media sites allows planners to choose assets that are active, see available slots and note creative requirements. It reduces the time taken to respond to complicated briefs that require multiple media owners’ assets, cutting out waiting and negotiation time.

    Billboard Exchange

    Buy Outdoor Advertising in a Few Clicks.

    Our OOH ecosystem is fragmented. Hundreds of media owners operate thousands of sites made up of different sizes and formats. Bookings and request for proposals are made manually. There is no single view of all sites.

    Surely, there must be a better way? Billboard Exchange is your one stop billboard buying platform.

    Buy billboard spaces online based on your budget, target audience, and location

    Sign up for Xchange and improve efficiency and cut costs through automation:

  • Plan, book, and track from anywhere at any time

  • Flexibly upload and change your ad creatives

  • Integrated with Analytics to optimise your ad spend

  • Time-belted and day-parted day slots for efficient media buys

  • Receive automated proof of play reports