Meet The Team
Norman Davadilla 0917 130 9759

Joanna Chan Mojica 0918 906 2826

Rio Ruiz 0906 442 8919

Jed Manuel 0917 130 6304

Norman Davadilla

The out of home media architect with 15 years of experience in outdoor media planning, buying, strategy and analytics. His interest includes merging both the digital and physical worlds to create a bridge called Location Intelligence!

Joanna Chan Mojica

With 20 years of experience in shaping the Philippine media planning and buying landscape. She has served local and global clients and has led leading media agencies in the Philippines. Her interest includes the academe and continuous learning in the digital space.

Rio Ruiz

As lead for Partnerships, his 5 year-experience in outdoor media planning and buying tightens the relationship between advertisers, media owners and agencies thereby ensuring successful triumvirate between parties.

Jed Maynard Manuel

His 11 years of experience in outdoor strategy, planning and buying gained from local and global clients is his ticket to lead the design and development of outdoor programmatic buying in the Philippines. He does this by incorporating Location Intelligence audience data to local media owner sites enabling digital media agencies to plan and buy outdoor sites based on digital metrics.


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