Reshaping outdoor advertising through data, tech and innovation

Metropolis is the out-of-home data-driven solutions company and is the leading innovator in understanding the Filipino consumer on the move.

We have vast experience in outdoor communications strategy incorporating data, technology, and analytics to understand the consumer outside the home.

We have the capability to see-through consumer behavior real-time, and aides advertisers in immediately taking intervention as the need arises.

We assist brands in developing outdoor strategies that ensure meaningful exchange between them and the consumer.

Why Choose Us

OOH is second nature to us. We know what clients need and we know what to give them.


Our years of experience managing the platform have allowed us to shape and influence the industry. We are the key opinion leader in outdoor.


We have pioneered audience location data. We measure the offline world using online data.


In Metropolis, data is the core of our future. We embrace new technologies to deepen our understanding of the outdoor audience and use both in laying the groundwork for our industry’s common currency resulting in measurement and accountability of the platform.

We are experts in outdoor communications planning, have deep understanding of people on the move, finds communication opportunities linking technology and human behavior into robust communication plans.

We are data driven with a clear vision of closing the gap in outdoor communications by providing measurement, common currency and accountability of OOH.


We identify rare opportunities for meaningful communications in outdoor and ensure seamless and targeted exchange achieved through natural convergence of data, technology and analytics.

While we expertly provide outdoor strategy and recommendation, we have pioneered the understanding of the moving audience through audience location data technology that allows us to provide meaningful measurement resulting in accountability of outdoor media.